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Podcast: Addressing Racial Bias and Outgroups Through Organizational Change

I truly enjoyed my opportunity to sit down with Leischen Stelter and discuss one of the significant challenges leaders are experiencing today.

Leschen Stelter:

In this podcast episode of In Public Safety Matters, AMU Program Director Dr. Larry D. Parker Jr. talks about how phrases like “I don’t see color” — or, like during his 24-year career in the Marine Corps, “I only see green” — can actually be unproductive in working towards diversity and inclusion. Instead, Dr. Parker discusses how it’s important for people to open up about how they view things and acknowledge differences among people in order to have effective conversations about difficult social and cultural issues.

Learn more about Dr. Parker’s research on “outgroups” and how leaders can engage people who feel excluded in order to improve productivity and organizational performance. Listen to this podcast to learn how to institute organizational change by creating a structured campaign that acknowledges concerns, keeps leaders accountable, places a value on improving diversity and inclusion, and measures progress.

Please Click the photo to follow the link to the podcast and transcript.

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